Sage Pacifier Clip

Sage Pacifier Clip

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Our Sage pacifier clips offer multiple uses. It’s main purpose of course is to attach a pacifier to and clip to baby so they don’t lose it. But you can also attach a small teether or toy to the end instead of a pacifier.

They are made with food grade silicone beads which gives them a softer smooth texture to chew on along with untreated beech wood which provides a harder texture to help relieve that uncomfortable teething pain. 



Simply wipe down product with soap and water or a damp wipe. Do not soak wooden rings or wooden beads 


100% food grade silicone 

100% Non-Toxic

Lead Free

BPA Free

Cadmium Free

Mercury Free

Phthalate Free


Always inspect before each use, if damaged please discard as this product contains small parts. Always have adult supervision when a child is using these products.